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At Violet Productions, we are one of the most trusted production companies to work with to create LGBTQ+ content. Our clients value our experience as a very safe pair of video hands across all LGBTQ+ and diversity content and we offer a top level service delivering video content quickly and on budget. Our cameramen and women use FS7 cameras to shoot the high production value films we are known for, shoot all interviews on two cameras as standard and carry portable autocues. We use Ace Post Production as our chosen edit partner so clients have access to broadcast avid suites and the latest graphic packages,all at discounted client rates and we now subtitle all content for free and have a sound booth to record ASMR content and podcasts. We work with LGBTQ+ clients that want an effective and experienced production partner and we have the best track record you would want from a video partner.

Annual viewership of LGBTQ+ content on online grew


in 2018 and is expected to reach nearly

6 Billion

views in 2019

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Every year around Pride we see a surge in LGBTQ+ content and brand messaging online and research now shows that a highly engaged online LGBTQ+ community are eager for a year-round approach of video content. Many large brands now share not only Pride-centric messages in June but realise that there is a growing global increase in interest in LGBTQ+ content across all video platforms. Nearly two thirds of online viewers surveyed who self-identified as LGBTQ+ said they are more likely to buy from a brand that takes a stand on LGBTQ+ issues. Brands are waking up to realising that including LGBTQ+ people in messaging carries a lot of weight today and we are really enjoying making video that gets this message across loud and clear

At Violet Productions, we have shot a huge range of videos for our LBGTQ+ clients. Stonewall’s anti-bullying campaign, events for Suki Sandhu OBE and the INvolve team and the FT and EDA awards for Linda Riley. We made a 40-minute documentary for Square Peg media voiced by David Furnish on gay parenting in the UK and did a great launch video for the Queer Museum. We filmed for the Kaleidoscope Trust and the UK equality Caucus. Whatever the brief or budget, our clients have really appreciated us thinking of innovative and different ways to shoot a variety of content. We shoot a large number of talking heads chats, conferences and events, repackaged footage for multi usage, and we are creating an increasing number of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) style videos and podcasts for 2019.

LGBTQ+ viewers have acknowledged that they are seeing more LGBTQ+ friendly advertising than ever and nearly eight in ten self-identified LGBTQ+ viewers said that brands are doing a better job today than five years ago at representing us in their ads. We know how to deliver top end video services to build brands in this sector with powerful content. Bringing stories to life with the incredible power of video gives brands and services the competitive edge and making sure clients have access to the latest video options to showcase themselves creatively in this field is vital. Our clients appreciate us managing a range of video projects from conception to delivery, organising the planning, scripting, sourcing of external material and managing all additional audio, visuals, delivery requirements and storage needs for each individual LGBTQ+ project.


The clients said

Stonewall have worked with Violet Productions on a number of projects, and will definitely use them again in the future. Jay and her team always interpret the brief accurately and deliver beyond our expectations. Not only are they professional and creative – but they are great fun to work with too.

Ruth Hunt- Chief Executive Officer, Stonewall


I’ve worked with Jay and her team at Violet on numerous projects as I know they will not let me down. They have always exceeded expectations, always bring a practical and stylish problem-solving attitude, an unassuming professionalism and strong understanding of the nuance required by our LGBTQ+ audiences. They’ve always been fun to work with and always helped our projects shine.

Joseph Galliano – CEO and Founder Queer Britain


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