By 2020, millennials will total more than $1.4 trillion in spending power. According to a NewsCred survey, nearly 50% of millennials share content marketing because it reflects a cause they believe in.

Young people are great champions of diversity and social marketing and at Violet Productions we are very experienced at shooting a huge variety of LGBTQ+ videos. We know that whilst younger people are quick to discount advertising, they are great advocates of sharing content they believe shapes the way they see society and each other and there is much that can be done when we work with our LGBTQ+ clients to maximise awareness of their content marketing.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted video partner for all LGBTQ+ projects and we also do discounted rates for LGBTQ+ charities. The LGBTQ+ community in 2019 is in the minds of the political, cultural and corporate worlds in an increasingly mainstream way and with more brands happy to be louder and prouder, we have found an increasing request for video content to be produced in new ways. Clients now get rewarded for highlighting diversity in videos rather than having to stick to outdated stereotypes. It’s a space which gives us as co-creators much more satisfaction in helping to create great digital content and we see taking on a new reality in a bold and humanistic way is what many of our clients are focused on with their video planning. Our credentials in this area include working for Stonewall making an anti-bullying film, a mini documentary about the founder members of Stonewall and talking head content with Ruth Hunt.

We have also delivered a number of films to Square Peg Media and had great fun filming for them at the LGBT Awards and at a number of The European Diversity Award Events. We delivered a film shot at the Alternative Parenting Show and a 40 minute documentary voiced by David Furnish on Gay Parenting in the UK commissioned by Linda Riley. We are regular suppliers for OUTstanding and Suki Sandhu OBE and also are the video company of choice for Queer Britain who are setting up the first LGBTQ+ museum in London. We were also very pleased to be asked to shoot a film for the Kaleidoscope Trust, showcasing the issues some countries have in their fight for Equality and and we enjoyed meeting an amazing group of campaigners and being able to make a film that did their amazing efforts justice.

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