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We work with a lot of UK charities of all sizes to maximise budgets, pack an emotional punch with great visual storytelling and ensure a key message is heard. Whatever the charity and whatever the message we get on with creating video that works in a huge range of lengths and format leaving the charity team clear to get on with their job and concentrate on raising money cost-effectively. The key for charities across the UK is to be able to easily update and reusage footage so that whatever social media channel is used for efficient marketing, the videos we create are available in a variety of lengths that are all equally powerful.

Longer videos are being favoured by Facebook, and a study by video platform Wochit reports that longer videos received:

79% more shares

74% more views than all short videos

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The idea

To create a documentary style video that would emotionally connect with charity supporters at the annual fundraising dinner. The client wanted to showcase a film rather than have a keyspeaker. They wanted to feature patients, the supporters, the medical team and give an update on the last year in a 10 minute high production film. The charity also wanted to maximise resuage of the video footage for their website and other marketing channels.


Violet Productions are the experts in how to atomize long-form video content and our experience in visual storytelling is the key to successful engagement with longer films. We filmed over 3 days with patients, supporters and the medical team at Bart’s Hospital. We then edited a documentary style film adding graphics and music and the Charity showcased it at their fundraising dinner in Mayfair. We then re-purposed a lot of the key footage shot to produce stand alone 2 minute videos of two patients and two supporters and we created 10 x 30 second social media films with graphics and subtitles.


The film went down a storm at the event and it was the most successful fund raising dinner for Heart Cells Foundation with £400,000 donated on the night. The client was very happy that we had used the charity budget effectively and was thrilled that we were able to shoot and repackage a large amount of the video for their marketing needs. Financially it made total sense for them and the client is planning another video for this year with us..

The client said

“Violet Productions produced a very enlightening and interesting film for our charity and a successful social media campaign. Jay immediately knew what we needed and made the concept come to life in the format of our films, giving us an invaluable fundraising and information tool. The filming was effortless and the whole team adjusted to the constraints of filming patients and medical procedures with finesse, displaying expertise and experience of the highest level”

Jenifer Rosenberg – Heart Cells Foundation

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