Implementing Video

At Violet Productions we work with organisations large and small to create video that delivers and making video content work for your company today is the most valuable marketing tool around . Whatever your budget, we can usually find a way to help. Whilst you may be well aware that video is THE most effective tool for marketing, here are three ideas to think about when planning content to get your video noticed. 1 USE YOUR IMAGINATION Customers today don’t want a hard sell so use your video to entertain as well as educate your customers about your product or service. The most successful company videos enlighten customers and amuse so they remember who you are. It’s not about spending more, it’s about being brave and open to visual ideas on how to tell your company story to ensure you get your video shared. 2 ALLOW YOUR CUSTOMERS ACCESS Everyone loves to see behind the scenes. We often shoot ourselves at work to create a behind the scenes film of whatever we are shooting and clients always report back how successful these are. As well as the slick end video you want to create, think about how you could let viewers see behind the scenes of your organisation. Giving a human face to your brand in a video really hits home. Some clients show the making of a product in a workroom or factory, we can shoot tight if you don’t want to reveal the true mess! Other clients have had us shoot brain storming meetings, or an office walk through to show the background that goes into the creation of their service. Think about what your customers don’t normally see and how visually that can help with your marketing success. 3 DON’T BE AFRAID OF EMOTION The most successful videos are those that make you feel – think about how much John Lewis spend to do this to you every Christmas! Be brave enough to create a video that offers your customers something authentic. If you can create a bond with potential customers by sharing your values or personal story it pays massive dividends and in a marketplace of generic slick talking head videos it can put you ahead of