Creating Great Video

We are often asked what the difference is between good video practice and great video practice? Our answer is that clients that create great video with us are the ones who really plan ahead and who are open to new ways of telling their story, so that customers have an emotional engagement with their video. Here are three popular ways of how to engage customers with your video. 1 USING VIDEO FOR TESTIMONIALS Your business can have copy on your site saying how wonderful it is, but our brains are programmed to look at faces to gather information and determine credibility. While written testimonials are helpful, nothing boosts conversions better than real life testimonials from your happy clients. Nearly 60% of B2B marketers rate video as the most effective content marketing tactic so ask your clients if they would appear on camera. We are very experienced with contributors, have mobile autocues to make things easy and we promise we even make it fun! 2 SHOWCASE A SHORT VALUE PROPOSITION VIDEO FOR YOUR SITE An obvious starter for clients new to video is to create a short film on you to explain your promise to potential customers. Feature yourself not an animation film or voice over, it builds trust like nothing else. We script messages to be short and sweet but remember this video needs to be well thought out and give a cogent punchy message that sums up your business. Use this video to nail down the core essence of your business message and when you get it right it will pay off big time. Customers report to us they really appreciate being able to quickly understand the benefits of what a company is offering in a snappy video. It is worth nothing that using a video on your landing page can increase conversion by 80%. 3 BUDGET FOR SOCIAL MEDIA Whenever we film a video we always make sure we set aside proper time to shoot footage for social media films. These need just as much thought and attention to go into them as longer form video. Having a variety of different lengths of video is vital – a typical package is a glossy 2 minute video for a website or pitch day, a couple of 30 second punchy key message videos and as many social media films as you can afford for a twitter, face book or Instagram campaign. In 2019 where 70% of B2B content marketers use video we make sure our clients have all the lengths of video they need to keep ahead.