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At Violet Productions we are experienced at working with clients in the healthcare sector. We have delivered extensive video content for HCA, The London Women’s Clinic, Streamline Surgical, Dr Maryam Zamani, The London Sperm Bank, Bart’s Hospital, Heart Cells Foundation, The London Bridge Hospital and St Richard’s Chichester. We are a trusted pair of hands for many healthcare organisations in the UK and we understand the care and consideration that needs to be taken into account when shooting in hospitals and clinics and with patient confidentiality. Our healthcare clients benefit from access to our extensive library of medical stock footage and stock music at discounted rates and we offer expert advice on everything from graphics animation additions and the newly popular autonomous sensory meridian response videos (ASMR) to make sure that whatever we deliver is high end content that gets results.


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The idea

London Sports Orthopaedics contacted us wanting a number of new videos. The clinic is a partnership of Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons and Sport & Exercise Medicine Doctors specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of all musculoskeletal disorders, including sports injuries, fractures and arthritis. They wanted a number of films showcasing the work of Mr Ian McDermott, a knee surgeon who is a leader in his field. They felt video would best promote the clinic’s excellent outcomes and wanted to showcase the latest treatments, their state of the art equipment and explain how they work with personalised care, empathy and compassion.

We had just one day to shoot content for eight films with Mr Ian McDermott so we shot with two cameramen on FS7 cameras and one director. The marketing team at LSO had compiled questions for each filmed chat which we shot on two cameras and our second cameraman shot the facilities, exteriors, the surgical and diagnostic areas, the physiotherapy and rehabilitation teams and a patient testimonial. The success of the films for LSO lay in us being able to showcase their core value of achieving clinical excellence through a high-quality multidisciplinary team based approach and Ian’s friendly and accessible manner needed to come over in the chats to highlight their efficient, caring and patient-centred approach. We then edited the films up with animated logos, music and key graphics and delivered eight films from just one shoot day for the LSO to use across all social media platforms.

The series of films have proven to be a great success for LSO. The client was extremely happy to have us shoot such a huge volume of content in just one day and appreciated us keeping to a strict budget and exact timings without cutting any corners with the final production value. The client was keen to start marketing their content as with 38% of internet users searching for information about hospitals and other medical facilities online, the films we created have given LSO a huge advantage for their 2019 marketing campaign.


The client said

A huge thank you to Violet Productions – the ‘dream team’. It was an absolute delight to work with such an experienced; talented, well organised, but relaxed & friendly team. Special thanks to Jay, for her superb guidance, support and direction throughout the whole process … from initial briefing to final edit. Thank you for ensuring we got maximum benefit out of our full day of filming with you, always going that extra mile to make things happen and making it all so easy & enjoyable for us! We are very excited about the final product and have already received lots of complimentary feedback about our films. It’s been such a huge pleasure working with you. Looking forward to the next time! Many thanks again./p>
Mary Wolff-Ingham, Marketing Manager LSO


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