5 Benefits to filming your event

Here at Violet Productions, we film events regularly, so we know the benefits that event filming can provide. One example of how a video of your event can help your business, organisation, or charity is it’s a great marketing tool. Video is quickly becoming an essential part of every company’s marketing and communications strategy, it can be used for social media campaigns, recruitment drives, and much more.

Here are 5 benefits to filming your event

1: Filming your event is great for marketing

As mentioned above video is an essential part of your marketing and communications strategy, it is expected to account for 85% of total internet traffic. That is a massive number, so getting it right is vital. It is why we make sure the process is as simple as possible, and the video can be used anywhere. An example of this is when we filmed the Empower event with two cameramen. We also interviewed a number of nominees and winners on two cameras and delivered a 5 minute cut down version of the event and two social media films two days later to the client, which was then used to increase reach on social media.

2: You can use your recorded event for your website

Using video on your website is proven to create more engagement, and more engagement usually leads to more sales/leads. It prolongs the time people spend on your website, which in itself has a lot of benefits, like improved google rankings as time spent on a website is attributed to the content and how relevant the website was to what you were looking for. Not only can it provide more engagement, but it can also be used to really improve the design of your website for instance background videos, so your recorded event could contribute to your websites success.

3: Using your filmed event for social media campaigns

Like we mentioned above, video is great for marketing, but events are particularly good for social media campaigns, they can be cut up, and used to promote and showcase products, services, and your company, organisation, or charity in general. If you’re a charity, filmed events can really give an insight to what you are all about improving support and donations, if you’re a company, you can use the event recording to promote a product or service you offer. It is also proven that videos in social media adverts convert a much higher percentage of people who view the ad.

4: You can re-use your filmed event to promote the next

It isn’t uncommon for events to generate a lot of business for companies, so there’s no surprise that events can run annually, or several times a year. By filming your event, you can use the video to promote the next one potentially increasing the audience, and if you sell tickets, then increasing the revenue from it. As we’ve mentioned in our previous points, video is a great promotional tool, so why not use it. Event and conference filming has many benefits.

5: Live reaction and testimonials

The great thing about filming your events, is you can see how the audience reacts, it serves as a great testimonial for your next event, or product / service. With multiple cameramen, it’s a great opportunity to interview attendees about the event too, which then feeds into the other 4 benefits!